Thursday, October 31, 2013


I am the biggest fan of boyfriend jeans lately, love how versatile they are and they are also thee most comfortable.

Had to add a bit of colour to what is turning out to be a grey day out in Durban. Plus this yellow makes me glow as well!!
Wearing Boyfriend Jeans(with Diesel belt) and Ankle Boots from Topshop
Blazer and Jersey from Zara
Shirt From Jay Jays 
Bag from Accessorize


Thursday, October 24, 2013



Promised myself I would not be one of those bloggers who wait decades in between posts but it seems I was a bit naïve considering that exams are around the corner and all my time is now spent at the library preparing for them.

I had a workshop on Campus today and so I decided to highjack a guy I've known from high school to take my pictures.
I'm certainly not brave enough yet to rock my crop top alone so I decided to layer using my denim shirt and it got a bit windy so it served as a jacket as well.

Leggings and Denim Shirt Zara
Bag and Neckpiece Accessorize
Crop top and Sunnies Topshop
Sandals Steve Madden

Monday, October 14, 2013

Officially Open For Blogging!

My very first blog post and it had to be this one, not particularly my favourite photo but its a good
indication of what to expect from I Wear What I Like. My blog is all about finding affordable clothes and then wearing them in different ways all the time, because for a student it is unrealistic to be seen in new clothes every time you step outside the house.. and I'll also be taking pictures many of my pictures in unconventional places.

I'm hoping for a lot of fun and for you guys to also enjoy this blog..

M.A.C Ruby Woo
Hat,  Topshop
Dress & Blazer,    Zara
Sandals,  Steve Madden
Accessories,   Sass Diva